Interference – Inspired by the diversity of 20th century fashion decades, ‘Interference’ shirts portray elements of different style epoches mixed together and forming something new.

The basis of the collection – abstract graphics of striking hairdos – are free to combine with sunglasses, beards and other accessories from various eras. With the new graphic elements, including tooth braces or bike caps, up to 5,000 combinations are possible. The finished T-shirt looks just like it sounds.

The new T-Shirt Editor for the Interference collection now also works with sounds and beats. For each of the design options there’s a matching music track: a Halloween soundtrack to go with an ice hockey mask, Ramones beats for a punk hairdo, Bowie-esque tunes with lightning flash make-up, an Ike Turner moustache to go with funk & soul, and so on… There’s even a frog beatbox to match the exclusive Kermit print.

Similar to previous collections, the abstract approach on fashion impulses and the customized production process are in the spotlight. Additionally ‘Interference’ presents Mazookas fascination about today’s combinations of fashion homages.

In the update of the collection we have added a new element to its “Interference” collection - sound!

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